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Hot Rods has been producing top-notch aftermarket crankshafts and connecting rods for over a decade. Customers value the superior quality of Hot Rods products, which come at a more affordable price compared to OEM options without compromising on quality. Hot Rods also offers stroker crankshafts for dirt bike and ATV enthusiasts, delivering increased power without the need for additional modifications. All Hot Rods components, including bearings, seals and crank pins, are designed for durability and high performance.

Connecting Rods from HOT RODS:
Hot Rods, a leader in connecting rods, offers high-quality products crafted from 8620 case-hardened steel with a double-forging process for strength. These rods are shot peened for fatigue resistance. They also provide durable bearings, crank pins, and thrust washers, including KU and KZ bearings. Additional features include double-honed bearing surfaces, double-drilled small ends, bronze bushings for four-stroke rods, vent slots for two-stroke rods, and side scalloping to reduce distortion at high RPMs.

Crankshafts from HOT RODS:
Hot Rods provides high-quality OEM replacement crankshafts known for their superior design and innovation. They also provide drop-in stroker crankshafts that enhance performance without costly modifications. Hot Rods crankshafts come complete with connecting rods, top-end bearings, and crankshaft webs, meeting or surpassing OEM standards. They are fully rebuildable with genuine Hot Rods components and available for two and four-stroke applications, including multi-cylinder options.

Bearings and Seals from HOT RODS:
Main bearing and seal kits are manufactured to the highest quality standards, surpassing those of OEM products. What's more, these Hot Rods main bearing and seal kits are not only compatible with rebuilding Hot Rods crankshafts but can also be used for rebuilding OEM crankshafts.

Waterpump Repair Kits from HOT RODS:
Hot Rods offers a full range of water pump regeneration kits for dirt bikes and quads. These kits contain all the necessary components needed to repair a damaged water pump seal or a worn shaft bearing.

HOT RODS Spare parts are matching for: KTM, YAMAHASUZUKIPOLARISKAWASAKIHONDA and many more!

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