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As a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, OSRAM is driving innovation in the automotive, motorcycle, and specialty lighting industries. With a focus on sensing, illumination, and visualization, they make the road safer and more efficient for both vehicles.

In the semiconductor business, OSRAM excels in automotive, motorcycle, industrial, and medical markets, with a commitment to cutting-edge innovation. They bridge the physical and digital worlds, enhancing human-machine interaction.

OSRAM's expertise in lighting and advanced technology makes them a preferred partner for both automotive and motorcycle industries. For over 110 years, they've improved automotive and motorcycle experiences with high-performance LEDs, lasers, ICs, and sensors.

In the automotive, motorcycle, and specialty lighting aftermarket, OSRAM maintains a leadership position. They offer a full value chain, supporting all lighting technologies, including bulbs for motorcycles, and providing award-winning LED retrofit products. Their Entertainment and Specialty lighting solutions enhance creativity in all these industries.

We offer OSRAM products from various ranges: NIGHT BREAKER, COOL BLUE, ORIGINAL LINE and many more!

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