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The roots of International Motocross trace back to the Netherlands in 1947, where the first off-road "scramble" event coined the term "moto-cross." Recognizing the limitations of existing air-filter technology, Twin Air emerged in 1972 with a revolutionary dual-stage foam air filter designed to withstand the sandy riding conditions prevalent in the Netherlands. Since then, Twin Air has become synonymous with excellence in air filtration, continuously innovating to stay ahead of the competition. With a comprehensive product line and global distribution network, Twin Air remains the top choice for riders and teams worldwide, supporting over 300 World Champions and participating in World Championships across the globe. Twin Air ensures optimal performance and maintenance for riders everywhere.

Beyond air filters, Twin Air offers a comprehensive range of products, including radiator caps and air filter covers.

TWIN AIR Spare parts are matching for: YAMAHA, KTM, HONDA, GAS GAS, BETA RR, SUZUKI and many more!


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