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The VForce4 reed valve system represents a significant leap forward in performance and durability, building upon the success of the VForce3 with a complete redesign. Featuring an airfoil-shaped reed cage design and pre-curved reed petals made of carbon fiber, the VForce4 offers increased air velocity and better sealing at the tip area. Longer reed stops and an expanded reed tip area further enhance durability and airflow, while a more aerodynamic shape reduces frontal area for improved efficiency. The VForce4R models introduce rubber overmolding for superior petal life, while the VForce4Ri models boast a custom intake manifold boot for enhanced airflow and performance, currently available for select mini bikes. Experience the ultimate in reed valve technology with VForce4.

In addition to the groundbreaking VForce4 reed valve system, our product lineup includes essential components such as valve seals and spare gaskets.

VForce4 Spare parts are matching for: HONDA, YAMAHAKAWASAKI, KTM, GAS GAS, SHERCO and many more!


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