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Electrify your ride with our premium selection of motorcycle electrical components. We feature top brands like NGK for spark plugs, TECNIUM for durable electrics, TOURMAX for reliable parts, and ELECTROSPORT for performance charging. Power up with BS BATTERY and YUASA batteries, illuminate your way with OSRAM and DENALI lighting, and fine-tune with TOP PERFORMANCES. From V PARTS' precision to KIMPEX and BIHR's trusted accessories, our range covers every electrical need for your motorcycle. Upgrade and maintain with quality, choose our trusted brands for your bike's electrical essentials

Electrify your ride with our premium selection of motorcycle electrical components.


  • Battery charger

    Keep your motorcycle charged and ready with our premium selection of battery chargers. Our lineup features NOCO's smart charging technology, BS BATTERY's reliable power solutions, OXFORD's versatile charging kits, DAYTONA's fast-acting chargers, and CAPIT's innovative warmth and charge systems. Designed for longevity and efficiency, these brands ensure your bike is charged up and prepared for any adventure

  • Cigarette lighter socket

    Enhance your ride with our durable and convenient motorcycle cigarette lighter sockets. Perfect for powering GPS, phones, and other gadgets, our sockets are designed to integrate seamlessly with your bike's aesthetics and electrical system. They are easy to install and built to withstand the rigors of the road, providing you with power wherever your journey takes you

  • Condenser

    Tourmax condensers, tailored for motorcycle enthusiasts who demand reliability and performance. Our Tourmax condensers ensure optimal electrical flow, prevent points wear, and deliver consistent ignition for a smooth riding experience. Ideal for maintenance or upgrades, these condensers are the trusted choice for quality-conscious riders

  • Ecu

    Unlock the full potential of your motorcycle with our cutting-edge ECU selection from leading brands. TECNIUM offers advanced control with 42 options, while MALOSSI's 13 performance-driven ECUs boost efficiency. TOURMAX provides 12 reliable units for precise engine management. POLINI's 9 ECUs are crafted for enhanced response, and HIGHSIDER's innovative designs ensure seamless integration. ELECTROSPORT and TOP PERFORMANCES round out our collection with high-quality, race-tested performance enhancements

  • Handlebar switch

    Experience seamless control at your fingertips with our assortment of motorcycle handlebar switches. Designed for functionality and convenience, these switches allow you to operate your bike's lights, signals, and other accessories with ease. Crafted for durability and ease of installation, our switches fit a variety of models, ensuring a perfect upgrade or replacement for your riding needs

  • Horn

    Enhance your motorcycle's audible presence on the road with our robust selection of horns. Our horns are designed to deliver a clear and loud signal for improved safety and communication in traffic. They blend high-quality sound with reliability and easy installation, suitable for a wide range of motorcycle models

  • Ignition coil

    Ignite your ride's performance with our superior selection of ignition coils from trusted brands. TOURMAX leads our range with 40 high-quality options, ensuring optimal spark for a variety of motorcycle makes and models. TOP PERFORMANCES provides specialized coils for those seeking an extra edge, while TECNIUM rounds out our offerings with reliable ignition solutions. Choose our ignition coils for consistent starts and smooth engine operation

  • Ignition points

    Restore classic performance with our selection of precision ignition points. Ideal for vintage and retro motorcycle enthusiasts, these points provide the traditional touch for an authentic ignition system. Engineered for accuracy and durability, they offer a reliable spark for smooth engine running

  • Ignition switch

    Key into security and style with our selection of motorcycle ignition switches. Featuring Zadi's renowned craftsmanship, V PARTS' extensive range with 109 options, KIMPEX's durable designs, and TECNIUM's reliable alternatives, our switches are designed to integrate seamlessly into your motorcycle's system. They offer not just a perfect fit but enhanced theft protection and a sleek upgrade to your bike's aesthetics

  • Kill switch

    Ensure instant power cut-off for safety with our collection of motorcycle kill switches. Designed for emergency engine shutdown, our kill switches are a critical safety feature for any rider. They are compatible with a wide range of models, offering a straightforward installation process and durable, reliable performance

  • Lamp

    Light up the road with our selection of motorcycle lamps from the industry's most trusted brands. OSRAM's reputation for quality brings you clear and long-lasting visibility. TECNIUM's durable lighting solutions ensure reliability on every ride. PHILIPS provides innovative lamps known for their superior brightness, and V PARTS offers versatile lighting options for a precise fit. Choose from our premium brands for unparalleled illumination and safety

  • Neutral switch

    Navigate with precision and peace of mind with our selection of motorcycle neutral switches. These essential components ensure smooth shifting by accurately indicating the neutral gear position. Built to be both reliable and durable, our neutral switches fit a range of models and are easy to install, making them a must-have for any motorcycle maintenance or repair

  • Racing cable and cable...

    Enhance your motorcycle's spark with our high-quality ignition wires. These wires are engineered to provide a strong, consistent connection for your bike's ignition system, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Suitable for a range of models, our ignition wires resist wear and corrosion, offering a long-lasting upgrade for your motorcycle

  • Regulator rectifier

    Keep your motorcycle's electrical system in top condition with our selection of regulator/rectifiers. TECNIUM delivers reliable voltage control, ELECTROSPORT offers high-endurance components, TOURMAX provides precision-crafted regulators, and TOP PERFORMANCES brings performance-focused rectifiers to the table

  • Rotor

    Maximize your motorcycle's electrical efficiency with our top-tier electric rotors. These crucial components are the heartbeat of your bike's charging system, engineered to deliver stable and efficient current to keep your ride powered up. Our selection features rotors that are built to last, ensuring seamless power delivery and reliability for every adventure

  • Spark plug

    Unleash optimal combustion with NGK spark plugs, the pinnacle of ignition precision for motorcycles. Renowned for their superior quality, NGK spark plugs ensure a powerful spark for efficient engine performance and smoother rides. Our range includes options suitable for various motorcycles, delivering reliability, longevity, and the exceptional performance NGK is known for.

  • Spark plug cap

    Seal your engine's spark with NGK spark plug caps, designed for optimal conductivity and a perfect fit. Trusted by riders, NGK caps are engineered to prevent moisture intrusion and electrical leakage, ensuring your motorcycle runs smoothly. With high-quality materials and precise construction, NGK spark plug caps are the top choice for performance and longevity

  • Starter motor

    Kickstart your journey with our robust selection of motorcycle starter motors. Engineered for quick and reliable starts, these motors are the key to a hassle-free ignition. Built to endure the rigors of the road, our starter motors are compatible with a wide range of motorcycles, ensuring you get the power you need when you hit the ignition

  • Stator motor

    Power up your ride with our selection of stator motors from ELECTROSPORT and TOURMAX. ELECTROSPORT stators are designed for riders who demand the best in power generation, offering superior output and reliability. TOURMAX stators provide consistent performance and durability, ensuring your motorcycle's electrical system operates at peak efficiency. Choose from our range of quality stators to keep your bike running smoothly on every adventure

  • Stoplight switch

    Enhance your motorcycle's safety with our reliable stoplight switches. These switches are crucial for activating your bike's brake lights, signaling to others when you're slowing down or stopping. Compatible with a broad range of models, they're easy to install and designed to withstand the demands of daily riding, providing an essential safety feature for every journey

  • Temperature switch

    Keep your motorcycle's engine temperature in check with our precise temperature switches. Designed to signal your cooling system to activate, these switches are essential for maintaining optimal engine performance and preventing overheating. Our selection caters to a variety of motorcycle models, ensuring a perfect fit and dependable operation in all riding conditions

  • Throttle position sensor

    Fine-tune your motorcycle's performance with our throttle position sensors. These precision instruments play a crucial role in your bike's fuel management system, adjusting the air-fuel mixture based on throttle input for smoother acceleration and efficient power delivery. Suitable for a wide range of models, our TPS offerings ensure responsive riding and optimized engine performance

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